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Protect Your Assets

For over a decade we have been assisting clients in collecting millions of dollars, reducing infringements & increasing traffic to their websites.

About Battleship Stance

Battleship Stance is a full service intellectual property management and anti-piracy consulting company with proven solutions for businesses. We have a record of success.

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Who we are, and why we want to help you succeed.

Battleship Stance is a privately held company with offices in Arizona, Washington, and Iowa.

We established to provide a real solution for content owners born out of our Founder’s decade of experience with rampant piracy issues. Our team has been successful in both in the U.S. and abroad. 

We have combined proprietary technology, unique models, and our team has the legal knowledge to effectively pursue pirates.

Battleship Stance is retained by some of the world’s largest intellectual property rights owners to provide intellectual property management, anti-piracy, and support services.

We have decades of experience in the areas of internet business based operations, business intelligence, behavioral science, and intellectual property law. This has allowed us to draw upon our expertise to assist organizations worldwide to identify and find campaign based solutions to dealing with the unauthorized distribution of content.

We provide customized solutions to clients in the entertainment, legal, law enforcement, and government sectors.

We go after Pirates Globally

We aggressively enforce rights and collect from those who profit from the unlawful exploitation of intellectual property.

Battleship Stance provides solutions that produce results worldwide.